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Urban Design

Cambourne Built Development



Preparation of development briefs and design guidance for all housing areas and street furniture and paving designs for settlement centre for this 405 ha, 3300 unit new settlement.


Design Co-ordination
With over 20 design consultants working for more than a dozen clients at Cambourne, the job of making sure all design work fits together in its correct place in the scheme rests with Randall Thorp. Randall Thorp are responsible for providing and updating:

  • Design Briefing plans
  • Conveyancing plans 
  • Phasing plans 
  • Spoil Disposal plans 
  • Highways and Off Road Routes 
  • Street Naming plans 
  • The overall CAD based Masterplan

The Design Guide
This key document was submitted with the Masterplan and prepared by the same team, and although other design guides on more specific subjects have since been prepared this remains a key document.  Its primary aim is to ensure that all aspects of the development are designed in a way that is sympathetic to the character of traditional South Cambridgeshire villages. Randall Thorp were responsible for all landscape sections of the design guide including:

  • Village Greens
  • Greenways 
  • Footpaths, cycleways, bridleways & tracks 
  • Highway verge landscapes 
  • Site boundaries 
  • Integration of the development into the landscape 
  • Enclosure types 
  • Allotments 
  • Amenity & Sport land 
  • School Grounds

Residential Design Guidance
Following detailed studies of the South Cambridgeshire village and rural landscapes
Randall Thorp have provided further design guidance, specific to housing developers covering:

  • Landscape and character themes for each village
  • Typical south Cambridgeshire village landscape images 
  • Pallets of boundary types and details for each village 
  • Suggested planting pallets for each village 
  • Plant specification 
  • Play areas 
  • Planting & soft landscape 
  • Hard landscape materials

Development Briefing Plans
Prior to any land parcel being developed a detailed briefing plan is prepared by Randall Thorp with input from a range of other consultants and specialists from both the Developers and Local Planning Authority. These plans cover a range of issues, including:

  • Relationship of the development to the highway
  • Relationship of the development to adjacent sites 
  • Density 
  • Building set back from road 
  • Location of views, feature and focal buildings 
  • Height of development 
  • Character of units; cottage, farmstead, town house, villa, grand house, manor house 
  • Type of units; terraced, detached 
  • Grouping of units 
  • Boundary types; hedges, picket fences, railings, walls etc 
  • Pedestrian and vehicular linkages

Aesthetic Design
The quality of the aesthetic design of Cambourne is overseen by the Cambourne Design and Environment Group (DEG). The DEG has representatives from the Local Authority, County Council, Police, and Developers who assess each new scheme prior to planning submission.

Randall Thorp represents the Consortium of Cambourne developers on the DEG and gives comments on their behalf with regard to landscape and urban design matters on each new development scheme.