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Cambourne New Settlement



Randall Thorp have been involved on Cambourne, a 405 ha 3,300 home new settlement, since its inception in 1989 and have been leading the coordination and development of the masterplan since 1999.


Cambourne has been pioneering in many of its proposals. Amongst the many masterplan concepts was the incorporation of nearly two thirds of the site as open space to provide for recreation, water attenuation, shelter, ecology etc - that which is now referred to as 'Green Infrastructure'.

The scheme aims to provide housing and services to meet the needs of a 21st century community within the setting of a traditional south Cambridgeshire village. Upon completion Cambourne will have over 3,300 homes and a population of 8-9,000 residents. It will also contain:

  • 3 Primary Schools
  • A Nursery Centre
  • An Ecumenical Centre, Vicarage and Burial ground
  • Health Centre
  • Community Centre
  • Library
  • Police and Fire Station
  • Sports Centre
  • 50 ha of Business Park
  • Settlement Centre with shops, offices etc to serve the community
  • 28h ha Country Parks
  • 170 ha of new nature reserves
  • 3 village greens
  • 14 play areas
  • 19 ha of sports facilities
  • 2 Allotment sites and a community orchard
  • Over 45 ha of new woodland
  • Over 500 acres of new public open space
  • A network of over 12 miles of new concessionary rights of way

Development of the Masterplan
Randall Thorp joined the design team as landscape consultants to develop Terry Farrell & Co.'s initial Masterplan concepts. Since 1998 Randall Thorp have been the masterplan consultants for Cambourne

The involvement of landscape consultants and ecologists in the design team from the outset ensured that the Green Infrastructure was appropriately planned and designed from inception, with cost-effective management aims and systems also considered from day one.

Masterplan Coordination
Ensuring that the original masterplan evolves in a flexible yet functional manner requires close co-operation between all members of the design team and our clients, as well as attention to detail in planning. Randall Thorp balance these requirements with landscape, urban design and other aesthetic concerns.

The size, shape and position of development cells has been designed by Randall Thorp, working closely with the rest of the masterplan team. These have been planned to:

  • minimise infrastructure requirements
  • offer multiple development cells of similar size and characteristics in each phase
  • integrate social housing throughout the development
  • phase the development to maximise return on infrastructure investment
  • phase the development to maximise marketing benefit from landscape infrastructure
  • allow multiple developers to work on site at any one time

Design Co-ordination
With over 20 design consultants, working for more than a dozen clients at Cambourne, the job of making sure all design work fits together in its correct place in the scheme rests with Randall Thorp. Randall Thorp are responsible for providing and updating:

  • The Masterplan development
  • The design strategy
  • Design Briefing plans and Design Codes
  • Conveyancing plans
  • Phasing plans
  • Spoil Disposal plans
  • Highways and Off Road Routes
  • Street Naming plans
  • The overall CAD based Masterplan