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Dick Longdin

FLI, MA, BSc (Hons)


  • Large scale masterplanning
  • Urban design
  • Housing layout
  • Planning
  • Stakeholder/Community consultation
    and empowerment
  • Teaching and mentoring

Since joining the practice in 1989 Dick’s skills at urban design and public consultation have played a key role in the success of many projects for our clients. His work at Cambourne New Settlement in Cambridge has won awards and is highlighted in the Good Practice Guide that accompanies PPS9, published by The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister, as well as being cited as best practice and praised by the Chief Executive of CABE, the TCPA, Natural England, the Landscape Institute and The County Wildlife Trust.

Dick has been closely involved in the success of Cambourne since 1995. He was responsible for the landscape and open space sections of the Cambourne Masterplan and Design Guide and also wrote many other strategic documents for Cambourne. Our Cambourne client continues to use Dick’s skills to produce briefing plans and design codes for each new area of this development. Dick is also responsible for masterplan co-ordination between all consultants for this large and complex project. Dick is now working with our Cambourne client as lead consultant on a masterplan for the expansion of Cambourne.

In 1993 Dick was a prime member of the winning team in a national RIBA competition for Snowdonia Business Park, responsible for the detailed layout of buildings and landscape within this ecologically and visually sensitive site. Dick has been responsible for the preparation of many other successful schemes for clients including: public open space projects for local authorities and private developers, commercial and retail developments, residential developments, as well as a range of other informal and formal leisure projects.

Dick has long standing expertise in community involvement and consultation, having developed his skills first with BTCV, and latterly through projects such as the Wilderspool Community Woodland for Greenalls plc, work for Manchester City Council, the development of pocket parks in Hulme for Hulme Regeneration and more recently work associated with the national Play Builder initiative with Oldham Borough Council.



Through his continued involvement with the Cambourne project, Dick has a wealth of experience regarding the successful design and delivery of large scale masterplans and housing projects. This knowledge and expertise is now a valuable resource for all our clients.