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Hollyhedge Park



Randall Thorp were responsible for the landscape design for the refurbishment of this existing urban park which was carried out in 1992. The proposals included the design of a new, exciting play area for local young people.


Throughout our work on play spaces we always place as much emphasis on the holistic design of the entire play environment, as on the provision of play equipment.

The aim was to provide a range of challenges, stimuli and play experiences for different ages of children to play together. In addition the emphasis was on creating a stimulating, exciting play environment accessible for children of all abilities.

The area included sculptural earth modelling, areas of tall grass/wildflowers, rocks and ‘fallen’ trees to provide a wide range of imaginative play opportunities. The space was designed to encourage cooperative role play and allow informal physical activity such as running, climbing, balancing, jumping and creating dens.