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Residential Development

Manse Farm


Commercial Estates Projects (CEP) has been granted outline planning approval, subject to S106 Agreement, for 600 homes and 2.5 hectares of employment land on a 42 hectare greenfield site at Manse Farm, Knaresborough. The development will become a major sustainable urban extension to the east of Knaresborough.

CEP was assisted by a multi-disciplinary team, including Randall Thorp, who together succeeded in obtaining outline planning permission without the need for appeal in October 2013.

Randall Thorp responsibilities included:
  • Co-ordination and production of masterplan
  • Co-ordination and production of the Design and Access Statement
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment for inclusion in the Environmental Statement

The landscape-led masterplan capitalises on a number of opportunities presented by the site including the potential to create a strong and attractive gateway into Knaresborough from the east, enhancement of view lines across the site towards the church tower in Knaresborough centre to provide ‘sense of place’, and the incorporation of existing landscape features into a green infrastructure network in order to retain the character of the site. The masterplan also sensitively addresses the constraints of the site which include an over-head power line, close proximity to an existing sewage works, and flood risk areas.

The resulting masterplan creates a new place for sustainable family living which integrates with and complements the adjacent areas. It contains a range of family homes including affordable housing, land for new neighbourhood facilities including a neighbourhood centre, primary school, rail halt, play and sports facilities, all of which are set within a well-planned green infrastructure to encourage pedestrian and cycle movement through the site and into the wider area.

The Randall Thorp masterplan is responsive to the site, preserves the best of what is there and knits into the adjacent areas, providing a strong sense of place and local character whilst creating a development that also meets our client’s commercial aims.