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Social Responsibility

We recognise that our actions as individuals, as a team and as a business impact on the wider community and environment. As a business we take our social responsibilities seriously.



We endeavour to ensure that our practice minimises its carbon footprint and reduces any negative impact on the environment.

Our Environmental Policy covers:

Reducing energy use:
in our office, through our travel modes and by the products we specify

Minimising Waste:
Reducing, re-using, recycling and ensuring safe disposal, both within our office and through the products and methods specified for projects

Supplies and suppliers:
Quantity control and sourcing to take on board environmental and ethical issues



Our practice recognises the importance of contributing to the continued development of our profession and the wider planning, design and construction community.

Throughout the life of the practice, the partners have been involved in:

  • Promoting and advancing the work of the Landscape Institute
  • Examining and supervising as part of the Landscape Institute Professional Practice Exams
  • Lecturing, reviewing and examining as part of landscape courses at universities and colleges
  • Presenting landscape seminars and lectures as part of national events and campaigns

Randall Thorp also regularly takes on young work experience students from local schools as well as year out students from university landscape courses. 



We encourage all members of our team to become involved in charities or projects where their skills, and our resources, can benefit the wider community.  

  • Tree Aid: Since 2007 Randall Thorp has supported Tree Aid’s Land and Livelihoods project. Through regular donations we have helped them secure the economic sustainability of 8 villages in northern Burkina Faso, through a variety of green initiatives.

Other community projects and charities that we currently support as a team include the following:

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