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St Wilfrids Park



Randall Thorp were commissioned by Hulme Regeneration Limited in 1996 to work on the design of a new neighbourhood park in a high density residential area, as part of Manchester's City Challenge regeneration scheme. We were responsible for the development of the design brief , community consultation, hard and soft landscape detailing and monitoring the works during implementation.

Engagement of the local community involved 'briefing brainshops' with as wide a cross section of the community as possible in order to develop a robust, community led brief for the project.

Schools, youth groups, toddler and parent groups, faith groups, residents associations were involved as well as open sessions for all local residents.

The community were then invited to elect a steering group to oversee the design process and ensure the community brief was met.

Central to the scheme was a bespoke bronze dragon sculpture created by Philip Bews with hands on input from local young people.

The resulting scheme met the needs of the local community, provided local people who were involved in the design and implementation with a sense of pride and contained unique, innovative and imaginative play opportunities.

The involvement of the local community fostered a sense of ownership which has ensured that the park is a well loved and cared for heart to this new development.