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Upper Cambourne Design Guide


This detailed design guide covers all aspects of design for the final phases of Upper Cambourne. Produced in close co-operation with South Cambridgeshire District Council’s (SCDC) urban design team, planners, landscape officer, sustainability officer and services officers, as well as the County Highways department, The County Wildlife Trust, Cambourne Parish Council and our clients Taylor Wimpey and Bovis, it seeks to raise the design quality and smooth the planning process for Reserved Matters planning applications for all future housing areas, landscape schemes and infrastructure works.

The document was produced between June 2008 and July 2011 by Randall Thorp on behalf of the Cambourne Consortium (Taylor Wimpey & Bovis) and with the support of South Cambridgeshire District Council.
The Design Guide is a single document that updates and supersedes all previous design guidance specific to Cambourne, to create a user friendly, accessible, single point of reference, to guide the design and delivery of the final 950 units at Cambourne.
The document sets out fundamental design guidelines for the final phases of development in Upper Cambourne. It accords with the aims of the original Masterplan and Design Guide, but also responds to the physical changes to the site and its surroundings since the first Masterplan was drawn up. It responds to the way ‘best practice’ and guidance, on urban design, housing density etc, has changed since the original Masterplan was approved and responds to what has been perceived as good and bad practice in Cambourne by key stakeholders as a result of a Place Check exercise organised by SCDC in March 2011. 
It is split into 6 sections:
  • Section 1: Introduction; explains the document’s background and purpose
  • Section 2: Site Wide Guidance is applicable to all areas of Upper Cambourne both housing areas and infrastructure areas
  • Section 3: Character Areas introduces the 3 different character areas and gives specific guidance depending on where in Upper Cambourne a reserved matters application is located
  • Section 4: Open Spaces & Spine Roads gives detailed guidance on the design of infrastructure areas
  • Section 5: Development Parcels gives specific guidance for the design of each housing area
  • Section 6: Implementation & Review gives guidance on the planning application process and how the design process should move forward to construction
The document is intended as a reference guide to help raise design quality and smooth the planning process for all those involved with the design of the remainder of Upper Cambourne.